Complexity! Companies must necessarily face a multitude of challenges in complex systems. Reaction to the markets, legal framework conditions, the digital transformation, and the response "big data" requires dynamic strategic approaches.

Continuous adjustments are necessary to integrate action and reaction overall profitably in the value creation chain of the company.

In consulting, part of this is a far-sighted analysis of cause and effect of measures, the introduction of effective rules and processes, and the integration of all "forces" acting in the company. We offer clear solutions for your company's success.



Data are the oil of the 21st century. Who can analyse and make the multiples of billions of data traces left behind by people and companies every day utilisable will win the competition for customers. Industry 4.0, Smart Car, scoring and profile formation in the economy, credit management and healthcare are only a few of our topics. Knowledge is power!

The acquisition, use and processing of data is subject to strict rules. The demand for "privacy by design", the increasing global networking of systems, technical as well as legal uncertainties are in need of corrective maintenance so as to be compliant for the long term.

As experienced external data privacy officers with many years on the job, we help you act in compliance with the law and in the process, establish together with you a system that is a custom fit for your concerns and needs.

Quick, effective and sustainable, so that you can keep your eyes on your core business.



We do not keep our knowledge to ourselves. "EnterTrainMent" is our motto here! In presentations, seminars, training sessions, coaching of internal and external data privacy officers and decision makers. Always technically well founded, with an entertaining component, praxis-oriented, in-house or at special locations. Our offer is oriented exclusively on your wishes. All speakers are practitioners and they communicate this from minute one.